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Shadows of Fear Charity Haunt

“Be Afraid of What Lurks in the Shadows!”

At the Shadows of Fear haunted house, be ready for zombies, vampires, clowns, and more of your nightmares that lurk in the shadows! Just under half an acre is being used for spine chilling entertainment. There will be concessions, actors, juggling/magic acts, balloon art, music and dance performances of “Thriller.” Shadows of Fear also features a “friendly” version for those who want, they will escorted by princesses with flashlights. This event is for all ages. A night of terror awaits you!

The Shadows of Fear charity haunt benefits Mountain High School. Students who attend Mountain High represent a diverse population and choose to attend for a variety of reasons. Mountain High strives to meet the needs of the WHOLE student – academic, physical/medical, mental/emotional, financial, and social.

This is a three day event. October 28th 29th and 31st

Come and see us!

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Event Time

Oct 28, 2016
06:00 PM
Oct 31, 2016
11:00 PM