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Before Your Time" Davis County's First Community Film

The Community Film Project began to allow local communities to develop and cultivate the skills of Filmmaking in their own backyard. Beginning in 2015, the Community Film Project is ready to premiere the debut Film "Before Your Time." Everything including the script, actors, crew and musical score were completed using local volunteer talent. Purchasing Tickets online guarantees you a seat in the theater plus support the cause of the Community Film Project.Purchasing two or more tickets will get your name in the credits under the title "Awesome People Who Care." Please join us in continuing the mission of the Community Film Project to Ignite Passion, Cultivate Creativity and Unite the Community.

Film Synopsis: After the loss of their mother, 17-year-old Dylan, his two sisters, and father are forced to move back to the small town where their parents met and grew up. While getting back on their feet, the family stays with their eccentric Aunt Norah and try to adjust to a new life. They meet a quirky neighborhood kid, Pete, who convinces them to embark on a “bucket-list” type adventure based on a list found in their Dad’s high school storage boxes. The task is not as easy as it seems and ultimately teaches everyone about managing grief, moving forward, and the importance of family.

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Oct 20, 2017
06:00 PM
Oct 26, 2017
12:00 PM