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GET THE LOW DOWN BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR DOUGH DOWN! At Nook & Kranny, it's our job to ferret out any flaws in the home or building being considered. We'll give the entire structure the once over so you can relax and worry about more important things. ​ While a house or building may look good on the outside, sometimes it's hiding a rap sheet a mile long in its proverbial closets. ​ Knowing what to look for when buying a house of building is a tricky and scary endeavor. so, bring in a qualified inspector and get to the bottom of things. with extensive experience, we'll make sure your investment is a sound one. ​ When you are ready to schedule your home inspection, it's important to remember that not all inspectors are created equal. The state of Utah does not require any type of licensing for Home Inspectors. BUT each of our inspectors are certified through a national organization to preform inspections.


Nook & Kranny Home Inspections

370 South 500 East, #230
Clearfield, UT 84075

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Exp: 2019-12-31

(801) 698-6467




370 South 500 East, #230
Clearfield, UT 84075


Business Phone
(801) 698-6467

Business Phone

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