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Country Niche Adult Day care provides respite services for adults in Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties. Respite services are used when a caregiver may need a break, go to work, tend to appointments or errands, or simply time to relax. Day services are offered for full day and half days, plus we will come and pick up or drop off your loved one. We provide 1 hot meal and day and 2 snacks, plus activities and socialization throughout the day. Day services are paid for through VA benefits, Medicaid, County Aging programs, and on a self pay basis.





2179 W 1800 N Ste D
Clinton, UT


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Business Phone

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Hours of Operation:

Sun. 9am-5pm
Mon. 7am-6pm
Tues. 7am-6pm
Wed. 7am-6pm
Thurs. 7am-6pm
Fri. 7am-6pm
Sat. 9am-5pm