Syracuse Library


1875 South 2000 West Syracuse, UT 84075

Telephone number:

(801) 451-1850

Library Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 10am-9pm Fri & Sat: 10am-6pm

Passport Applications

Passport application processing services are offered at City Hall between 9 am- 4 pm, processing takes approximately 20-30 minutes per application. Walk-ins are served in the order of arrival, multiple applications and/or photos wait times may be longer. All required forms, photos, and payment must be completed prior to 4 pm to be accepted the same day. Applications can be found on the website. Application fees must be paid with a Check or Money Order made payable to the U.S. Department of State.

More info available on our website

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City Council Meeting

The City Council met in a business meeting December 12, 2017. Detailed council packets concerning further information about the presentations that were made to the council are available on the City’s website, Following is major actions taken at the meeting:

December 12 Business Meeting:

The Council adopted a resolution imposing the .1% Recreation, Arts, and Parks (RAP) tax approved by the voters at the November 7, 2017 Municipal General Election. The sales tax will be assessed starting in the spring of 2018 with revenues passed along to Syracuse City starting in June.

The Council granted preliminary subdivision approval for the Stonefield Estates project, located at approximately 2650 Alison Way. The project is 7.03 acres in size, would be assigned the R-2 zoning, and would contain 15 building lots.

The Council authorized a contract with Silver Spur Construction, LLC for the Ranchettes Improvement Project; the project includes work on 3300 West, 3400 West, 3385 West, 1850 South, 1950 South, 2050 South, and 2200 South. The scope of work includes replacement of existing concrete sewer with a PVC main; replacement of six-inch cast iron culinary water mains with new 10-inch and 8-inch C-900 mains; add additional fire hydrants for improved fire protection; install storm drain pipes, manholes, and inlets; replace ramps to comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards; and replace the full-width of the paved asphalt area. Construction will begin in late winter/early spring and will be completed by the end of 2018. The total project cost is $2,840,903.73.

The Council authorized execution of a contract with J. Lyn Roberts & Sons, Inc. for the construction and management of the Centennial Park Splash Pad and Pavilions project. The contract includes a maximum project amount of $1.5 million and design work for the project will commence in early 2018.

Finally, the Council adopted an ordinance amending the land use code of the City pertaining to requests for reasonable accommodations. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act Amendments (FHAA), those with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations from government zoning regulations if they can demonstrate certain conditions and the proposed ordinance will offer compliance with both the ADA and FHAA

New Exhibit at the Syracuse Museum

The Syracuse Museum and Cultural Center has recently welcomed a new exhibit for the fall: The Cecelia Ellis Collection of Dolls. The museum was a recent recipient of an extensive doll collection of collectors’ dolls (over 300) and a partial selection of the dolls is now on display in the museum. It’s a little girl’s dream! We promise to have a feature exhibit that may interest boys in the future.

Please stop by and treat yourself to lovely display dolls of all sizes and dress. The museum’s hours are still T-W-Th from 2-5 pm or by special arrangement for larger groups. The museum will be closed from Dec. 15 to Jan. 8 and will reopen on Jan 9. 2018. For additional info, please call 801-825-3633 during museum hours. The museum is on the south side of Antelope Drive (1700 S) just east of 2000 W.


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Mayor’s Message

This will be my final letter. Thank you for giving me the privilege to serve you. Having had no experience in government, I needed to work hard in two areas: using my experience as a business owner to apply common sense leadership, and then spending extra time at the city learning from the professionals.

I learned from working with the different departments in the city and with mayors of other cities that we have the finest employees in Davis County. In every department, from top to bottom, we excel for the benefit of our citizens. I got out of the way and allowed the professionals to do their jobs.

I learned that there are those who seek power, even at the local level, and in every instance, people are hurt and teamwork is destroyed. We want a government with enough power to protect our rights, but not too much power so that we lose our rights.

I learned that taxes, when used properly, create a better life. Taxes provide safety through our police and firefighters. Taxes bring clean water into our homes and take the dirty water and sewage out of our homes. Taxes provide roads that help us commute to our work, schools, and recreation. Taxes create parks, recreation, and planned neighborhoods.

We have the best city council. Their desire is to serve the citizens and to make the city a better place to live and work.

When I first came in as mayor, I set up the Disaster Preparedness Committee with the idea that at some point in time we could have a major disaster and we should be prepared as individuals and as a city. This committee is functioning well and working with different sections of the city, such as businesses, religious organizations, and ham radio operators.

I set up a new program called “Lunch with the Mayor.” Each month a school with students in Syracuse sent 12 students to city hall to have lunch with me and some of the department heads. They learned how the city is a part of their life every day because of taxes. The students played the roles of mayor, city council members, and leadership staff. I enjoyed this experience that I had with your smart and talented children.

I came into the role of mayor believing that the purest government is the government closest to the citizens. When our founding fathers set up the balance of power between the federal government and the local government, they recognized that power on the federal level must be limited and the rest of the power should be given to the states and the people. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you as mayor on that important local level.

Terry Palmer,

Mayor of Syracuse City

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Parks and Recreation Calendar of Events



Jan 11 – Zumba @ 9am free

Jan 13 – Zumba @ 9am free

Jan 16 – Zumba @ 9am

Jan 18 – Zumba @ 9am

Jan 20 – Zumba @ 9am

Jan 23 – Zumba @ 9am

Jan 25 – Zumba @ 9am

Jan 27 – Zumba @ 9am

Jan 30 – Zumba @ 9am


Jan 10 – Step it Up @ 9am

Jan 15 – Step it Up @ 9am

Jan 17 – Step it Up @ 9am

Jan 22 – Step it Up @ 9am

Jan 24 – Step it Up @ 9am

Jan 29 – Step it Up @ 9am

Jan 31 – Step it Up @ 9am


Jan 12 – Pump it Up @ 9am

Jan 16 – Pump it Up @ 6:15am

Jan 19 – Pump it Up @ 9am

Jan 23 – Pump it Up @ 6:15am

Jan 26 – Pump it Up @ 9am

Jan 30 – Pump it Up @ 6:15am



Jan 18 – Little Dancers 10:15am & 11am

Jan 25 – Little Dancers 10:15am & 11am


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Senior Events


Jan 10 – Monthly Movie @ 1 pm All Saints/Rated PG

Jan 16 – Think Tuesday @ 10 am Three to Kings/Three Thirteen

Jan 17 – Journal/Personal History Class 10 am – 12 pm

Jan 22 – Bus Trip Washington Terrace Playhouse/Forever Plaid leaves @ 630pm

Jan 24 – Journal/Personal History Class 10 am – 12 pm

Jan 26 – Lunch & Bingo/White Elephant @ 12 pm

Jan 31 – Journal/Personal History Class 10 am – 12 pm


Jan 2 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 4 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 9 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 11 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 16 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 18 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 23 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 25 – Senior Yoga @ 8am

Jan 30 – Senior Yoga @ 8am


Jan 2 – Pickleball @ 9am – 12pm

Jan 4 – Pickleball @ 10am – 12pm

Jan 9 – Pickleball @ 9am – 12pm

Jan 11 – Pickleball @ 10am – 12pm

Jan 16 – Pickleball @ 9am – 12pm

Jan 18 – Pickleball @ 10am – 12pm

Jan 23 – Pickleball @ 9am – 12pm

Jan 25 – Pickleball @ 10am – 12pm

Jan 30 – Pickleball @ 9am – 12pm


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