Job Openings

For a list of the current openings with Syracuse City, click on the ‘Jobs’ link on our main City page Or go to:

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Fix It Requests

We appreciate our citizens helping the City be aware of issues that need to be addressed throughout the city such as road repairs, street light/sign repair, park maintenance, water problems (culinary & secondary), garbage can pickup, code ordinance enforcement, and even employee feedback. The City website is a great tool for providing us with notifications. The Fix-it Request link can be found on our homepage at the top left hand side under Popular Pages.

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Syracuse Library


1875 South 2000 West Syracuse, UT 84075

Telephone number:

(801) 451-1850

Library Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 10am-9pm Fri & Sat: 10am-6pm

Passport Applications

Passport application processing services are offered at City Hall between 9 am- 4 pm, processing takes approximately 20-30 minutes per application. Walk-ins are served in the order of arrival, multiple applications and/or photos wait times may be longer. All required forms, photos, and payment must be completed prior to 4 pm to be accepted the same day. Applications can be found on the website. Application fees must be paid with a Check or Money Order made payable to the U.S. Department of State.

More info available on our website

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City Council Meeting

The City Council met in a business meeting December 12, 2017. Detailed council packets concerning further information about the presentations that were made to the council are available on the City’s website, Following is major actions taken at the meeting:

December 12 Business Meeting:

The Council adopted a resolution imposing the .1% Recreation, Arts, and Parks (RAP) tax approved by the voters at the November 7, 2017 Municipal General Election. The sales tax will be assessed starting in the spring of 2018 with revenues passed along to Syracuse City starting in June.

The Council granted preliminary subdivision approval for the Stonefield Estates project, located at approximately 2650 Alison Way. The project is 7.03 acres in size, would be assigned the R-2 zoning, and would contain 15 building lots.

The Council authorized a contract with Silver Spur Construction, LLC for the Ranchettes Improvement Project; the project includes work on 3300 West, 3400 West, 3385 West, 1850 South, 1950 South, 2050 South, and 2200 South. The scope of work includes replacement of existing concrete sewer with a PVC main; replacement of six-inch cast iron culinary water mains with new 10-inch and 8-inch C-900 mains; add additional fire hydrants for improved fire protection; install storm drain pipes, manholes, and inlets; replace ramps to comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards; and replace the full-width of the paved asphalt area. Construction will begin in late winter/early spring and will be completed by the end of 2018. The total project cost is $2,840,903.73.

The Council authorized execution of a contract with J. Lyn Roberts & Sons, Inc. for the construction and management of the Centennial Park Splash Pad and Pavilions project. The contract includes a maximum project amount of $1.5 million and design work for the project will commence in early 2018.

Finally, the Council adopted an ordinance amending the land use code of the City pertaining to requests for reasonable accommodations. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act Amendments (FHAA), those with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations from government zoning regulations if they can demonstrate certain conditions and the proposed ordinance will offer compliance with both the ADA and FHAA

Green Waste Service

Just a reminder that during the months of December through March, the green waste cans may be used for regular household waste. The green waste program will begin again starting April 1, 2018. For more information, contact the utility department at 801-825-1477, option 2.

The City Council met in a business meeting on December 12, 2017. Detailed Council packets containing further information about the presentations that were made to the Council are available on the City’s website, following is a summary of major actions taken at the meeting:

Employee Spotlight-Wes Hutchings

On September 27, 2017, Wes was dispatched to several vehicle burglaries that occurred in our city. As he was handling these incidents, a citizen called in a suspicious circumstance of two males at a residence that did not belong there and appeared to be removing property from the residence. Wes responded to the area and was able to apprehend one of the subjects. During this incident, the property was recovered and returned to some of the victims of the prior vehicle burglaries that he had responded to earlier that morning. Other property was also recovered that involved citizens outside of our city.

During his investigation, Wes obtained information that led to the arrest and closure of approximately seven vehicle burglaries and one residential burglary. Wes also obtained information on the second subject who was not apprehended that day but was later arrested on a completely different matter a few days later. This subject would have never been identified or arrested if this information had not been obtained through his detailed investigation. Wes’s hard work and dedication to the citizens of the City is an example of the Police Department’s guiding principles of pride, accountability, cooperation, and excellence. Wes’s excellent work also earned him the September 2017 Employee of the Month Award.

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Code Enforcement-Snow Removal

As we approach the winter months, please be mindful of snow removal on sidewalks and on-street parking of vehicles.


SCC 11.20.050- Off-street parking during winter months.

To allow for the orderly and timely removal of snow during winter months, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle within the public right-of-way of any street within the corporate limits of Syracuse City at any time during the accumulation or removal of snow unless special permission is granted by the Syracuse Police Department.

SCC 04-05-160 -As you clear your driveway and walkways this winter, please throw the snow into your yard and not into the road. Putting snow in the road is not only unlawful, but also unsafe to drivers and it damages our snowplows.

Any questions or concerns regarding Code Enforcement, contact Officer Ken Sessions at 801-825-1477 ext 122

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Mayor’s Award of Excellence

Congratulations to the following City employees who received the Mayor’s Award for Excellence for their exceptional service to Syracuse City and its citizens for 2017. Thank You!

Mike Mathis– Public Works

Shauna Greer–Human Resources

Troy Jamison–Fire Department

Sam Carter–Police Department

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New Fire Chief

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Aaron Byington, was officially sworn in as Syracuse Fire Department’s new Fire Chief, following the retirement of former Fire Chief Eric Froerer.

Chief Byington was born and raised in Davis County, and has been a resident of Syracuse since 2003. He received his Master of Arts Degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University, his Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Emergency Services Management from Utah Valley University, and is licensed as a Paramedic. He brings extensive fire and EMS experience from his most recent position of Battalion Chief, Paramedic at Layton City Fire Department. He also coordinates and instructs EMT courses at Davis Technical College and has done so for the past 14 years.

In addition to welcoming Chief Byington to Syracuse City, we would like to thank Chief Eric Froerer for his leadership and service to our community over the past several years.

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Police Dept. Update

Syracuse Police Department has responded to over 200 residential alarms in the past 12 months. Almost all of these alarms were false, meaning they were triggered by accident or operator error. To further complicate this matter, in more than half of these calls, alarm companies were unable to contact or provide the responding officer with information related to the responsible party. This results in wasted time and a reduced level of service.

Syracuse City does not currently have a permit requirement for alarms, but most alarm vendors will request that homeowners provide the names and phone numbers of at least three people who can be contacted in the event of an alarm. Problems arise when this information is not provided, not current, or when more than one of the people on the list are out of town at the same time.

Syracuse Police Department asks those with alarm systems to please make sure family members know how to operate the system. Additionally, please contact your alarm company and ensure your profile information is up to date.


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